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Robust Aquatic Dummy (R.A.D.)

Project active
Fall 2018 - Spring 2020


Water Polo players currently are unable to practice by themselves. This makes it challenging when there are an odd number of players or when one on one training is needed. Additionally, players are often removed from drills to just act as a body for the others to navigate around.


A floating dummy that maintains basic form and moves with the player's force.



Robust Aquatic Dummy (RAD) is a partially submerged water polo dummy that is anchored to the pool floor via a weight. It has no contact with the sides of the pool and can be used to practice passing, shucking, and basic grappling. Currently, there is a lack of training equipment in the water polo world and RAD will help mitigate the need.

Current Progress


The RAD team testing out their latest prototype in the pool

RAD has completed an initial prototype and has been tested in the water. It was successfully watertight but did not submerge enough. The current prototype is in progress and will hold more weight to submerge it further into the water. Additionally, we will be testing new materials that will look more aesthetically pleasing and professional while remaining watertight.

Future Goals

First, we want to find a stable system to submerge the dummy and weigh it down. We are also assessing new materials to find the best fit. Next, we want to include a pressure sensor into the front face of the product. This sensor will enable RAD to be used to assess the strength of the player's push or throw. Finally, we would like to add a set of arms to the dummy that will allow for grappling practice. 

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