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Weekend Workshops

The SPD club strives to offer hands-on learning opportunities to all members, whether through club projects or officer-led technical workshops. There is no experience required, anyone can join to learn something new.

The 2020-2021 school year made our goal for hands-on learning more challenging because of remote learning due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In order to combat this difficulty, the SPD officer team led weekend workshops over zoom to teach concepts such as 3D CAD modeling and hand sewing.

OnShape CAD Workshop


SPD officers led zoom workshops to teach members how to 3D model a carabiner through Onshape, an online modeling software. After designing their own carabiner, the SPD team 3D printed everyone's model and mailed their completed carabiner to them! If you missed out on the workshop and want to learn more about 3D modeling and Onshape, check out the introductory tutorial below.

Soft Goods Sewing Workshop


We completed our second virtual hands-on workshop in November 2020. SPD officers led weekly workshops on hand-sewing, where everyone sewed their own drawstring bag. Attending members received a package in the mail with all the necessary materials, then we met over zoom to go over each step and to socialize while we sewed. In the end, each member was able to increase their sewing skills and show off their hand-made bag!

sewing workshop.jpg

SPD members at the final zoom sewing workshop showing off their hand-sewn bags

Shoe Deconstruction Workshop


Winter term we hosted a virtual shoe deconstruction workshop. We mailed shoes to members who deconstructed their shoe on their own time. We then met over zoom to discuss our findings and learn about how shoes are made and why each component is important.


Shoes deconstructed by SPD members

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